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We will never send you an email asking for your account name and password. We already have your email password. If you receive one of these it is a scam to get you to reveal your secret email password. Please do not respond to it and delete it immediately.


There is a new type phishing email that comes in with E-Fax in the subject line. The link is an executable file that will cause harm to Windows computers. Please DELETE these emails! and make sure you clean out your deleted items as well.

Please use common sense. We never send generic (unsigned) messages and always include our personal first names at the bottom. When in doubt delete.


For more information call:

303-674-5700 X2


Support: 303-674-5700 X3



Billing: 720-457-9445

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DSL Status: 303-674-5700 X1


How To Set Up EvCo E-mail On Your Computer

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  • • An always on, high-speed Internet connection through your existing phone line

  • • in some areas, DSL is available without a phone line

  • • No special wiring required

  • • Works with a wireless or standard DSL modem


  • We offer DSL service. It uses your phone line for simultaneous voice and high-speed Internet.
  • Great service and support. We do the in-home install; set up your email, set up your computers for internet access, set up your wireless printer, etc.
  • You call us if you have an issue - not Qwest.
  • We make house calls! We are here to troubleshoot and solve your Internet or email related issues for you. No extra charge for our DSL customers.

Who is EvCo Hi Speed?

  • We are your neighbors. We live in the foothills, and have for years.
  • We wanted high-speed Internet access, with reliable support.
  • We were tired of promises from telephone and cable companies, so ...
  • We started EvCo Wireless in 2002 and are now EvCo Hi Speed

When you Can't Get Online or Check Your E-mail

Reboot your computer and try again. If no luck, reboot your DSL Modem. Turn off your modem using the power button in the rear, or remove the power cord from the back of the modem. Count slowly to 30. Turn the modem on again. Wait for the DSL (or Link) light to stop blinking and go steady. If you have a separate Wireless Router, reboot that next. Try to get on the Internet again. This procedure solves 90% of the problems with connectivity.